Bladder Pathology

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The human urinary bladder is subject to a unique and extraordinarily diverse array of congenital, inflammatory, metaplastic, and neoplastic abnormalities

Features and benefits of this new volume include 1, 741 high-quality, color illustrations and 112 tables to illustrate the wide range of pathologic and clinical features in the urinary tract An evidence-based approach to diagnosis and patient management for infectious, nonneoplastic, and neoplastic conditions Recent advances in the molecular genetics of the urinary bladder with discussion of their current or potential impact on diagnosis and personalized patient care With emphasis on the scientific validation of current diagnostic methods and their direct application in clinical practice, Bladder Pathology is a cutting-edge resource

In Bladder Pathology, a full spectrum of pathologic conditions that afflict the bladder and urothelium are described and lavishly illustrated

This book provides contemporary, comprehensive, and evidence-based practice information for pathologists, urologists, oncologists, and other medical professionals

With its emphasis on diagnostic criteria and differential diagnoses, this book is of particular value to practicing pathologists assisting in the pathologist s recognition, understanding, and accurate interpretation of the light microscopic findings in bladder specimens